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Trend Up and to the Right.

That's the Maximum Impact trend every financial services sales team craves, but few know how to consistently achieve. Want to know why? Because too many companies have no idea how to develop people for maximum results. Instead, they use decades-old training processes that don't address your specific needs or the needs of your team members.  Wouldn't it be nice to assess the talent you have, the talent you need and then tackle personal development, hiring and performance armed with knowledge?  We thought you would agree.         

Max Potential

Embedded within each team member's behavioral DNA.

Max Performance

When each person's unique abilities are functioning in high gear.

Max Results

When everyone is unified culturally and working at their peak.

Maximum Impact Partners was created to be your hands-on ally to help you maximize your sales team's performance.

What's your most urgent need? Let's solve that first.

The one-size-fits-all approach to professional
development doesn't cut it anymore.
Instead, find the need, personalize the solution and
make people AWESOME!
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Max Potential is within each person on your team. People have no idea how awesome they can be. What if you knew each person's behavioral DNA, their unique abilities and could take them from where they are to where they need to be for the win? 

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Max Performance builds confidence and culture. What if the people on your team were hitting and  beating their numbers? Do you think that would amp up their energy? Supercharge their performance? Power the culture?


Max Results are the stuff high-fives are made of. Who doesn't want to manage a winning team? Who doesn't want to be part of one? Everyone wants the rewards of achievement. The path is right here. Why delay success? 

Tell Us Your Issue, Your Opportunity, Your Need. We'll Adapt Our 
Maximum Impact Partners Sales COMBINE  to You.


At last, the same process that championship teams use to boost individual and team performance is available to you. Ever wonder how some people, some teams just keep winning? It's no secret. They know how to find and maximize the essential ingredients of winning consistently. Now you can too. 


Define the behaviors that are critical to the mission. 


Measure each team members' skills and where they stand. 


Unleash team members'
power, fill the gaps and level up. 

Business DNA Delivers Insights.
Here's Why it Works.  


Put people before numbers. Now you can because you can finally connect the dots on specific business behaviors that are impacting your business performance. Academics agree that just knowing a person's situational behavior, the behavior in the moment or task, is not enough to truly drive max performance and results. That's why we've partnered with the behavior experts, DNA Behavior, to bring you the most accurate assessment tool available today. 

  • Comprehensively measures all dimensions of a team member's natural talents and performance drivers

  • Uncovers a team member's natural instinctive behaviors at a greater level of depth and accuracy

  • Independently validated to be a more reliable predictor of talents and decision-making styles for long term performance

  • Identifies an individual’s level of consistent productivity while incurring the least amount of stress over long periods of time; critical for when making business and life decisions, and for what their “go to” behaviors are under pressure

  • Reveals what motivates each individual and provides expert coaching advice for managers

(Source: DNA Behavior and Harvard University)

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Our work has taken us around the globe with major stops in Europe, the Pacific Rim, and the Americas. Let's add you to this prestigious list of companies that continue to achieved Maximum Impact. 


Ascensus, LLC

Mass Mutual Retirement Services

Empower Retirement Services

Fidelity Workplace Investing

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

July Business Investing

MetLife Investors Distribution

October Three Consulting, LLC

One America Retirement Services

The Benefit Advantage

The Newport Group 

The Standard

TransAmerica Retirement Services

Vanguard Retirement Plan Access

Family Office
& High Net Worth Advisors

Family Wealth Alliance

Investment Management
& Advisory


Capital Group-American Funds

Christian Brothers Investment Services

Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Harbor Capital Advisors

ING Life Korea

John Hancock Investment Management

Manning & Napier Advisors

Manulife Financial


Principal Global Investors

Tri-State Capital

USAA Investment Management

Westwood Investment Management

Wisdom from the Field

Experience tells us that when you start with the individual and develop personalized performance plans based on behaviors, skills, abilities and more, you get outcomes that exceed expectations at the individual level, the team level and the corporate level. 

Check out this blog for insights from the real world and decades of experience. 


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