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Wouldn't it Be Nice to Have 100% Confidence? 

It's time to stop the guesswork, put an end to costly mistakes and start making informed data-driven people decisions. But ones that put people first. That's where we can help.

Let's work together so you can: 

  • Make better hiring decisions. 

  • Enable team member growth

  • Focus efforts on the right clients

  • Set better team and team member goals

  • Maintain team consistency and longevity

  • Forge meaningful, real relationships


Yes, you can have a team of happy campers who love to achieve and at last, have the tangible skills to succeed.

You know and we know, it always comes down to people.


Your team members are the ultimate expression of your brand. Is that representation the best it can be? Or could it be better? We can help you find out.

Your Financial Services Sales Organization
Can Achieve Way More Than it is Right Now.

Aren't you a little curious how far you can go?     

Let's dream a bit. If you had your way, what would your Max rockstar status look like? What would it take to get there? Who would need to be on board? Can the team you have pull it off? What should they be doing differently?


Together we can answer all these questions and more. We call it the Maximum Impact COMBINE. And once armed with insight, you'll have more than a training plan. You'll have individualized personal development plans that are yours and yours alone. Put them into action, and you'll be astounded by the culture shift, the confidence and the continued progress month after month, quarter after quarter. 

Use the COMBINE to enhance the behavior of the one,
then the many and just watch what happens.

Everyone Has Greatness Within. It Just Takes Cracking the Code.

No two sales people are the same and just because they're different, doesn't mean one is better than the other. Both can be exceptional. But you have to know how to crack the code and unleash the potential. 

"My top presenter happens to be the weakest closer on my team. Is there some way to fix his problem. He has prospects practically at hello, and then struggles to get the deal done. What can I do?" 

"The strongest closer I have literally panics at the thought of establishing new relationships. I think she feels uncomfortable meeting new people. But once she gets to know them, her true abilities really shine. How do I help her with her confidence prospecting?"

You know you have issues like these in your organization. And likely many others. We've seen and dealt with them all. To solve them, first of all, you need a partner that understands these are not training issues. They are personal development, behavioral issues. And they take a different type of approach and solution. ​

This is Not Training as Usual, and Thank Goodness for That!

Have you noticed? We don't call ourselves a training company. That's because training companies often teach only what they think you need to learn. We don't assume. You tell us your pain point, what keeps you up and night and we'll solve that first. 

We hear these kinds of things a lot:

  • Make us better presenters

  • Make us more confident closers

  • Help us build better relationships

  • Get us past the cold call barrier

  • Make us  better time managers

  • Work with us on our proposals

  • Show us how to prioritize our clients 

What are your burning needs? What's holding you back from Max rockstar status? 


It Takes Knowing
Your Team's Business DNA

Maximum Impact Partners knows that in financial services companies you can train technique forever and make very little progress. That's why we've partnered with DNA Behavior to help you maximize your sales team and its performance immediately. Through the DNA assessment process and our ability to translate those insights into actionable development plans, our clients have experienced double-digit sales increases. and that's just for starters. Here are other real-world results:

  • Reliably increase annual revenue by over 23% 

  • Enhance team member productivity by up to 40%

  • Improve team productivity by up to 70%

Got 10 Minutes? You'll Get Answers.

How we get these results is no mystery. Just a highly researched, time-tested survey instrument that takes 10 minutes to complete. It just may be the most valuable 10 minutes you spend all year. 

  • Discover natural instinctive behavioral talents.

  • Reduce stress and unproductive time in the workplace.

  • Help leaders identify, develop and manage talent within a sustainable and repeatable framework.

  • Build a robust recruitment process to match talents to the role, team, and customer.

  • Build a mutual “knowing me, knowing you” environment for open communication leading to higher trust and engagement.

Impacting Financial Services Sales Organizations for Decades

There's no reason to keep what we do a secret from you. Right up front, and working with financial services sale organization, Maximum Impact Partners will... 

  • Identify skill leaders to make peer-to-peer learning seamless

  • Identify solutions to close gaps and bring new members of the sales team into high achieving status

  • faster

  • Help the entire organization be better prepared to support the sales team

  • Align internal resources to teach and reinforce critical skills required to be top performers

  • Arm the sales managers to be the best coaches of a world class sales team

  • Provide insight for the executive management team as to how to best support sustained presence as a world class sales team.

What Exactly Do You Impact?

When people ask what we impact specifically within financial services organizations, the answer is easy. We impact everything that can contribute to your success.

  • Performance

  • Skills

  • Time 

  • Bottom line

  • Job satisfaction

  • Hiring effectiveness

  • Prospecting 

  • Sales situations

  • Relationships

All the things that define the difference between good financial services organizations and great ones. 

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