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Don't Take Our Word for It... 

The hundreds of companies, the tens of thousands of people within them, the countless sales organizations we have helped will tell you straight up what it's like working the Maximum Impact Partners. These aren't short blurbs. They are verbatim testaments representative of the work we do to help people and organizations reach and surpass their goals. But enough from us. Read on!

Maximum Impact on Our Business
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"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Maximum Impact Partners for over 20 years.  Their understanding of the industry (financial services), the needs we are addressing and their unique ability to relate to their audiences are second to none. And for leadership, the programs are tailored to the individual so that participants have exactly what they need to further coach employees on the gaps they have identified.


Specifically, one of the programs that we have delivered focuses on the identifying and assessing the skills that are required to be a high-performing sales professional. The program was delivered this program with precision, the participants love it!


A quote from one of the participants summed it up best, 'I wanted to simply say thank you for yesterday.  As much as the program pushed me out of my comfort zone, when I was recounting the events of the day with my husband I said to him that in my 12 years at the company I can't recall the last time management invested so much in me and my development. And at such an individualized level. Yesterday was tailored to seven people, surrounded by management who in some cases lead entirely different teams of people. We all had major take-aways from the time spent. That's not easy to pull off! So thank you!'"

- Internal Sales Desk Manager

Personalized Programs Increases Employee Performance and Value
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"Among the many things that makes Maximum Impact Partners such a valuable business partner to our company is their unique understanding of the business, positions and the people. The programs that they build are unique to our needs and personalized to address our concerns. Without exception, our employees state that time spent with Maximum Impact Partners is time well spent. Their relatability to ALL levels within an organization is something I have not experienced before in an outside partner.  There is no doubt that they have increased the value of our organization's employees. I have been fortunate to work for 3 financial services firms in my career, and in each of those companies, I have brought in Maximum Impact Partners because they deliver results.  And the best news is the employees see the value and embrace the programs, leadership sees the value and most importantly, the outcomes arm leadership with the tools and skills to address the gaps and achieve the results we are after.

- Internal Sales Lead

The Top Wholesaler-Skills Coach 
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"Maximum Impact Partners understands the nuance of intermediary-driven distribution. They are able to coach on the foundational wholesaler skills necessary to be successful, but also they effectively deliver role-specific training for our National Accounts, and Sales Desk teams.  We’ve had a longstanding partnership with them that has grown and evolved as our industry and corporate needs have changed. "  


- Head of Sales and Distribution

Exceptional Listening and a True Partner
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"Maximum Impact Partners are just that:  true partners. They work alongside you and focus attention on areas where it’s needed the most. Their consultative approach to problem solving and exceptional listening without forming conclusions, but rather listening to find solutions is what sets them apart. They are able to execute without requiring specific step-by-step direction and are comfortable working with ambiguity."


- Director of Learning and Development

You're a Person, Not a Client
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"What makes Maximum Impact Partners unique is their perspective is you as a person versus you as a client.  All of the advice and strategies I have received from them have been through the lens of me as a person and how these things affect my personal life and family. They helped me understand there are different “currencies” in life and career and how to manage my career the right way

Furthermore, they have helped me develop my personal brand, given me time management strategies and walked me through my own personal goals and challenges.  These tools have led to consistent success in my sales role."


- Top Producing Sales Professional

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