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Maximum Impact COMBINE

Tackle Your Issues and
Never Miss a Beat

Too many consultants come into a company and expect to start at square one. They want to go twenty three steps back, before they take one step forward. Who has time for that? Who has the patience? And is is really needed? Today, you have to be building the proverbial airplane while speeding down the runway. That's how Maximum Impact Partners rolls. So if you are ready to tackle your burning issues and build a fantastic high-performing sales organization in the process then we should talk and soon. Delays are only costing you money.

Championship Performance


Staying on top whether you're a championship athlete or a top-producing sales person is the ultimate achievement. You can turn winning into a habit and add a few zeros to your quarterly sales numbers. That equals big pay-offs. Tempting, right? And totally within your reach.

It's no mystery. The essential ingredients of building and sustaining a championship level sales organization are simply:

  1. Know what skills are critical to the mission.

  2. Measure where you stand on those skills.

  3. Train and coach the gaps.


Define the behaviors that are critical to the mission. 


Measure each team member's ability level.  


Train and coach each team member to the gaps. 

Why Invest in the COMBINE?


For starters, it's a proven method for getting right to the heart of your challenges. No wasted time, no figuring it out as we go, and no rookies at the helm. This time-tested solution has been the silver bullet for companies around the globe, sales organizations at all levels and... championship teams. Plus, the COMBINE delivers a guaranteed ROI. There's no risk. And since it's a learn-as-you-go thing, you get all these benefits in the process:

  • Standardized approach to evaluating performance

  • Verification that training is sticking

  • Exposure of potential gaps in the training curriculum

  • Perspective of candidate suitability for a new role and/or career path options

  • Establishment of key behavioral competencies, not measurable with a written test,

  • Awareness of team members' confidence, communication skills, thinking on your feet.

  • Immediate way to approach development opportunities by identifying gaps

  • Validate usefulness of training; gain buy-in and forward thinking from managers.

  • Establish priorities for development and training initiatives going forward

Build a Culture of Performance

The COMBINE process makes so much sense you'll wonder why you never did it before. 


  • Bring all the talent together, person or virtually.

  • Hear from you what's important to your organization

  • Implement a series of skill drills.

  • Identify the required skills and the skill gaps.

  • Recommend focused training solutions.

  • Provide managers with a coaching plan. 
  • Empower skill leaders in the process.


Expected Outcomes
  • Leaders who make peer-to-peer learning seamless

  • A reduction in team member skill gaps

  • More high-achieving sales team members who get there faster

  • A more prepared, supportive and pro-sales organization

  • Internal resources that align to teach and reinforce critical top-performer skills

  • Sales managers who know how to coach a world-class sales team

  • Sales managers who finally agree on what EXCELLENCE looks like.

  • Insights so executives can keep the momentum high and turnover low.

Best of all, once your team gets humming, we turn all our tools over to you so you can keep the momentum going. 

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