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Financial DNA

It's Time to Do More than Know Your Clients. 
It's Time to
Understand Them. 

Advisors know all too well that a client's behavior can be very different when the market is up, compared to when it's down. Economic trends, world events, life transitions, and more impact how clients behave in terms of finances. You find out in times of stress that maybe you didn't know some people as well as you thought you did. 


The good news is that advisors finally have the ability to really understand their clients, beyond the typical risk tolerance profiles so many companies do. Now, smart advisors are using Financial DNA, a platform which delivers client behavioral insights that address risk, spending, goals, communication, work and life interactions. More than 500 insights in all. Insights that help you and your advisors connect with and retain clients for the long term.


A Behavioral Roadmap for All Your Clients.


Through our partnership with Financial DNA, you now can be more responsive than ever to your client's needs. Needs that before Financial DNA you'd likely never know about, until it was too late. Financial DNA is like having a crystal ball that lets you to see how your clients will behave in various situations so you can deliver anticipatory service. The kind of service that keeps clients loyal and gets advisors referrals.

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What Financial DNA Can Do for You
and Your Advisors


The advisor-client relationship is a complex one. Success and longevity come through both understanding and responding. Wouldn't it be even better to be more predictive? More proactive? 


Financial DNA can get you off on the right foot and build trust all along the financial life journey. The result? Less client turnover, improved outcomes and relationships that last.

Financial DNA can...

Discover  Your Clients' Financial Personalities.  

Everyone is different so they have their own natural way to respond to stressful situations. Money is stressful. Markets are stressful. Life events are stressful.  With the results of this survey you and your advisors will be able to predict exactly how clients will respond under pressure. 

A Quick, 10-minute,
46-Question Tool
Can Tell You Everything. 

It's so simple, and actually fun to take this 46-question web-based survey. When completed you'll discover your clients' natural behavior when it comes to all things financial.

Why Would You Ever Want to Fly Blind Again?

Now that you know that Financial DNA can help you match advisors with clients, then guide the relationships and communication all along the way, why would you ever want to work the old fashioned way? It's so much smarter to be prepared with insight into client financial personalities, motivations and behaviors, addressing their needs in advance of problems. 

Let Maximum Impact Partners be your Financial DNA guide for understanding and implementation. We'll show you just how powerful personality insights can be for your business and team. And make getting it up and running a breeze.

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