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Business DNA

Let's Put People
Before Numbers

It's not rocket science to know that business success depends on people success. But what exactly do you do with that information? The simple answer is you focus on people first. Their strengths and their areas that need improvement. If you only knew what those were.


Well now you do. Thanks to our partnership with  DNA Behavior, the world’s only all-in-one behaviorally intelligent talent management platform, together we can reliably discover all dimensions of every team member's personality.

Here's Why You Should Care About Your Team's Business DNA.


Understanding the people on your team goes well beyond the "nice to know" realm. It falls dead center in realm of maximum ROI. 

  • Improve employee productivity by up to 40%

  • Increase team productivity by up to 70%

  • Dramatically improve team engagement, satisfaction and retention

tools DNA.png

You Can't Afford to NOT Know Your Team's DNA.​


From communication insights, hiring insights, personality insights, work habits, and so much more, Business DNA is how good teams become great and great teams become world-class.

  • Match employees to roles, teams and customers

  • Elevate communication

  • Manage operational and security risk

  • Nurture a healthy corporate culture

  • Coach team members and leaders at the behavior level, the level that matters.

  • Tailor incentives that really drives each person. (SURPRISE! it isn't always more money.)

Get to the Heart of the Issues Holding Your Team Back.


Ready for a statistic? Research shows that 87% of business issues are directly related to hidden behaviors that you can't see by casual observation. Scary, right? Well, there's no reason to be in the dark anymore. In ten minutes, you'll be enlightened to the reality and with Maximum Impact Partners at your side, ready to pour your new-found knowledge into an impactful action plan.

A 10-minute, 46-question Assessment, and Boom! 

You'll discover your team members' talents, their leadership approach and their decision-making habits. You'll find out their peer, customer/client and team communication styles. This just may be the best investment of ten minutes in business.

Even more, this tool matches personality to the role. Are your people in the right seats? Now you'll know. And what about future hires? You'll be armed to make the most informed hiring decision; both from a what-you-need and a who-you-need perspective.

No surprise, this is all performed online, including a mobile interface, with immediate results. With outcomes packing this much impact, you won't want to wait another second to start reaping the rewards of Business DNA. 

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