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Mark Rogers
MCR Global Consulting

Mark Rogers has built an enviable global reputation in the financial services industry over the last 40 years. Having served Massachusetts Financial Services and its parent company Sun Life of Canada for a combined 30 years, Mark has spend decades building global relationships, developing and leading distribution organizations in the US and abroad, developing and executing strategies and empowering performance with a motivational metrics-driven style. 

After leaving the corporate world, Mark has worked with countless companies to share his experience and understanding of performance drivers both at a business unit and individual level. Clients also benefit from Mark's ability to assess marketing challenges and dynamics and to help corporate managers formulate realistic resource needs based on his astute understanding of their core strengths, competencies and opportunities. 

Mark's expertise includes coaching senior management to identify marketing opportunities, developing a business plan and facilitating plan execution with an eye on goal achievement. Mark enjoys working with organizations at all levels to help them best analyze their distribution strategies and the implementation of those strategies. He is especially interested in building sustainable sales organizations by aligning the interests of all stakeholders. This includes working with sales leaders and sales teams to align interests and maximize results. 

Mark has worked successfully with both financial product manufacturers and distributors from in-house sales teams to third party sales affiliates across cultures and geographies including Europe, Latin America  and the Middle East. His experience in the distribution of both investment and insurance products globally gives him a unique perspective.

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