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Kathy DeGrandi Heasley
Heasley & Partners

Kathy DeGrandi Heasley is an accomplished entrepreneur, advisor, and thought leader with decades of success in business development, communications, marketing, brand building, public relations, publishing, video production, content development and more for companies and people. She has brought her brand of communications to the financial services industry working for such companies as Dimensional Fund Advisors, Christian Brothers, SJS Investment Services and many others. 


Whether your communication need is for your company, your program, your team, your product, or yourself, Kathy is the person to find that genuine essence and put it into words. Then take those words and expand them into websites, books, videos, blogs, corporate stage productions, marketing materials, digital campaigns, all things communications! Kathy is an award-winning storyteller, writer and video producer.

Brand and culture are connected so Kathy also will take your internal corporate communications and show you how to use them to build culture within your organization. Why just communicate information, when you could be sharing stories, creating culture and improving engagement all at the same time? 

Kathy is the creative force, Founder and President of Heasley & Partners, a company she formed in 1994. The company works with organizations globally because of Kathy's high-demand method of finding and applying emotional triggers to create a brand-culture connection, The Heart Effect she calls it, that is the rocket fuel of business achievement.

Kathy is a graduate of Penn State University with a B.A. in Advertising. In 2019 she was named a Penn State Alumni Fellow, the highest honor an alumnus can receive, for her groundbreaking work in communications and her career accomplishments. She in the President of the Bellisario College of Communications Ad/PR Alumni Networking Board, a member of the Bellisario College Alumni Council and a member of Penn State's Carnegie Society. 

When she's not working you can find Kathy actively working out, exploring the outdoors or taking a breather with a good biography.

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