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James Munro

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, James Munro’s under-graduate education included: The University of Glasgow and the Glasgow College of Technology with concentrations in Financial Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Scots Law and Business Studies.

James’ postgraduate education in the USA includes Lehman College, New York, NY, School of Practical Philosophy, New York, NY, and Maharishi International University, Fairfield, IA. Concentrations in: Substance Abuse Counseling, Practical Philosophy, Science of Metaphysics, and Vedic Science. Vedic Science integrates modern scientific theories with Vedic philosophy on the origin and evolution of the universe. The primary aim of Vedic Science is the development of mind/body connection, promoting ease of fulfillment of one’s full potential in all areas of life.

His professional work in Glasgow, Scotland and London, England, UK, in the field of Newspapers, Book and Art Publishing, entailed executive management duties including corporate strategic development, resolving inefficient companies/divisions including the sale and purchase of businesses. James has also undertaken business projects in Peru, Kenya, and Mauritius. In the USA James was involved in creating Art Originals for Interior Designers and Art Galleries together with Art Publishing: Limited and Open Editions, featuring contemporary, traditional, sports, and music subjects in a variety of formats. He also owned, developed, and sold his art publishing company. 

For over 25 years, James has studied the philosophy of meditation and meditation practice. He is a reader of the 40 Branches of Vedic Philosophical Literature in Sanskrit Devanagari Script. His Doctoral Dissertation proposed how at least one form of meditation Transcendental Meditation offered permanent recovery from the Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs. His current focus is to implant meditation as a technology of consciousness to businesses and organizations to resolve business issues, challenges, and problems. James regularly conducts meditation groups and retreats virtually and in-person events in New York and Arizona. 

James is an Adjunct Professor of Vedic Science (Maharishi International University) with a concentration on “The Science of Creative Intelligence” for computer science graduate students. He recently developed a new graduate course: Enhanced Performance Technologies for the Computer Professional grounded in meditation and other practices.

James introduced meditation as an opioid addiction treatment intervention to a significant provider who operates opioid crisis centers throughout the USA.

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