Our Story You Deserve to Win: Celebrating 15 years!

Our Story

After many years of working on the agency-side of business, and 9 years at Nuveen Investments, John Lotka decided to marry the two professions—and the VP of Sales at Nuveen, Ami Tully. It was John’s keen business intuition that saw there was a need for a specialized service model for the financial investment industry that was missing. So, he combined the agency business model with his expertise in marketing and Ami’s expertise in distribution strategies to create Maximum Impact Partners—a formula that has proven to be successful for 20 years.

The idea of Maximum Impact Partners didn’t happen over night. It was developed out of years of frustration in working with outside marketing agencies that just didn’t get the financial services industry. Since there was a lack of outside agencies that specialized in this area, John saw the opportunity to bring in-depth financial investment knowledge and top-notch resources together—combining years of marketing and financial expertise with consultants that supported the industry. It sounded easy, but there was a lot of work to do.

As John started getting Maximum Impact Partners off the ground, Ami was still working as a Sales Manager at Nuveen Investments. When she decided to leave Nuveen in mid-1998, she was in high demand. As past and current clients heard Ami was now on her own, they would seek her out for projects and speaking engagements. Then that magic day happened…the day Ami joined Maximum Impact Partners.

As the story goes, John was at lunch with a prospective client. Ami needed to get a bio out for work she was about to do for a former client, but didn’t’ have a business entity established, and couldn’t very well list her title as “Brenna’s Mom.” So, in a somewhat “un-hostile” takeover, Ami appointed herself President of Maximum Impact Partners. When John came back from lunch he had a new President of the company and a new business partner.

As John and Ami moved forward building Maximum Impact Partners together, Ami worked with clients creating consistency in their sales process through training and development programs, and John would follow-through with marketing and distribution plans—taking the client full-circle through the Total Alignment™ process. It was a formula that proved, and still proves, to be a successful one—Ami taking the reins on the sales training side, and John working the marketing side. But, they couldn’t do it alone. So, they created a network of Impact Partners with expertise in the financial services field. It was this balanced approach, and the creation of a unique business model, that put Maximum Impact Partners on the map.

Their business model combines the talents of expert consultants throughout the world, with the unique sales and distribution needs of some of the biggest names in financial services. Their pool of experts, or Impact Partners, are 20+ year veterans in their respective fields and come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in working in the financial services field. This business model allows Maximum Impact Partners to bring an “A+” team to every project, every client, every time. But most importantly, it provides the client expert resources who know already know their business—no down time or dollars wasted on a “learning curve.” Clients would say, “You can hire Maximum Impact Partners on a Friday, and they get started producing results and creating impact on Monday.” This level of knowledge and service model creates a “win” for financial institutions and financial experts—and don’t we all deserve to win.

Today, Maximum Impact Partners is a well-known entity in the financial services industry. Firms, from small boutiques to blue chip financial institutions look to Maximum Impact Partners for all their sales training, distribution, development and marketing needs. They are known as the “go to” partner that gets results, gets the job done and wins. Leaving a trail of long-term clients and dedicated Impact Partners that started with John and Ami back in 1998, and continues to work with them today.