Making an Impact. Delivering Results. You Deserve to Win: Celebrating 15 years!

"Before working with Maximum Impact Partners, our team was going in ten different directions and coming nowhere close to performing at the level I knew we were capable. Once we began implementing the alignment recommendations we found our direction and the results have been nothing but positive."

Making an Impact. Delivering Results.

Maximum Impact Partners can help you become masters in The Essentials of Selling™. Your needs are unique, so our services are completely customized. You may not know the specific areas of your business that need help, or you may have a particular problem you want us to solve. Regardless, you can count on us to be there with the insight, experience and wisdom to define your expectations, assess the situation, develop and implement the training and help you execute the solution with the ultimate goal: Total Alignment™.

Total Alignment isn’t an unattainable goal, it’s the result of committing and focusing on The Essentials of Selling. After all, your quotas and sales goals don’t take vacations.

The Essentials of Selling

  1. Define the Essentials – Working with management behind the scenes, we discover your organization’s selling essentials in terms of product, internal sales, key accounts, administration, leadership, marketing, technology, and service.
  2. Assess the Organization – Then we delve further by creating assessment tools that help us gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s essential sales skills levels. We look at product and industry knowledge, prospect accessibility, the sales process itself, advisor’s business alignment, time and territory management, along with resource leveraging. You get a total picture of your organization…perhaps for the first time.
  3. Develop and Implement Training – Armed with the knowledge of your sales essentials and your organization’s gaps, we work to develop and implement the training that fills in those gaps and puts you on the road to success. Every program is unique, fully customized to your particular needs.
  4. Execute – With your team trained and mastering The Essentials of Selling, we work toward aligning your sales organization by setting up hiring criteria and parameters, rewards and incentive programs, continued learning and more, all based on your essentials of selling…your essentials for success.


Define your essentials of selling Discover your organization’s gaps Deliver knowledge
and skills
Develop and implement systems for total alignment