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"Thank you for your insights and knowledge regarding territory management. Not only have you helped me improve my skills, but I also have a solid plan of action for how to make the most of the opportunity before me." - Mutual Fund Wholesaler

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Julia Tang Peters

Julia Tang Peters

Owner, LEQ LLC
Strategic Coach for Leading

In today’s complex and fast-changing business environment, effective leaders are redefining the work of leading and decision-making. Leadership is now more about the process of cultivating more leaders across all levels of an organization and less about power structures. A sought-after international consultant and speaker, Julia Tang Peters defines her work with leadership teams as Chief Catalyst for inclusive decision-making and shared accountability. Her trained eye and instinct for nuances of individual behaviors, team dynamics and organizational habits lead clients to better options, clearer decisions, and sustainable change.

Julia’s clients include Goldman Sachs, John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, Leo Burnett Co., American Medical Association, Astellas Pharma, Cardinal Health, Thrasos Therapeutics, Hutchison PLLC, Wagner Law Group, Meunier Carlin & Curfman, MU/DAI and other leading companies. Her work has been recognized in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Huffington Post, Beckers Hospital Review, Government Executive, Toronto Globe and Mail, and others.

Julia developed skills spanning business, academia and clinical psychology. At Hewitt Associates, she developed practices for operationalizing leadership competencies for global workforces. As Chief Marketing Officer at the technology venture firm Divine interVentures, she helped take it from start-up to IPO in two years. At Leo Burnett, Julia built a learning culture that improved performance and creative leadership. At Northwestern University, she advised faculty and students on career development and diversity. Her global network of relationships and extensive global travel also inform her outlook about leadership and business.

Julia conducted a study of leadership and decision-making for her book, Pivot Points: Five Decisions Every Successful Leader Must Make (Wiley, 2014). Publishers Weekly stated, “Peters offers a breath of fresh air on leadership by focusing on decision-making.” Huffington Post said, “an understanding of these pivot points will equip you with the knowledge you need to take the right path on decisions when it matters most.” Forbes adds, “Pivot Points should interest anyone who appreciates leadership and/or is looking for some solid tips on career advancement.”

Julia earned a Masters of Management degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University, School of Education and Social Policy, and a Bachelor of Arts, Phi Beta Kappa, from Lake Forest College. Also a Licensed Family Therapist, she has a Certificate in Family Therapy from The Family Institute.
For recreation, Julia enjoys global travel and cultures, photography and meeting people who have bold ideas and act on them. Julia lives in Chicago with her husband and has four children who are all on their own journey of pivot points.

Website: LEQuotient LLC