Joe Kringdon You Deserve to Win: Celebrating 15 years!

Joe Kringdon

Principal, Kringdon & Associates/HMC

Given my nearly 40 years in the business, I am a proven Sales and Marketing Leader with a wealth of experience on both the Asset and Wealth Management sides of the business; thus, I understand the process and dynamics of a successful client experience/journey in the Business to Business (B2B), as well as, the Business to Consumer (B2C) setting in these worlds.

Having worked in a plethora of firms of all sizes and complexities, I am highly attuned to the need to assess an environment, set strategy, implement process and create accountability in a march toward progress and success (as defined and aligned). As an individual contributor, a team leader and as an Executive, I actively managed the functions…systems, reporting, compensation, human/financial capital, Sales/Marketing Leadership…that are critical to an organization’s decisioning and execution toward success.

I believe this ‘first hand’ experience is invaluable and can have an impact on any organization, and it’s clients. With the proper direction, resources and opportunities, my contribution on most assignments can be immediate, tangible and worth much in improving productivity and aligning messaging, which ultimately increases the ability to attract/retain clients and assets.

The HMC** in my firm’s name refers to the fact that I approach each assignment with the “Heart & Mind of Champion,” focused and driven!

**HMC is the Kringdon Family motto