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Celebrating 22 Years

Since 1998, Maximum Impact Partners has been helping financial institutions throughout the United States and around the globe realize their opportunities.

We would like to thank all of our clients for making the last 22 years such a great journey, and allowing us to bring our life’s work into your firm. Sharing in your success is what gets us up every morning continuing to do what we love to do—creating positive change and seeing our clients reap the rewards. It’s what’s kept us going for 22 years, and will keep us going for the next 22 years!

Thank You to Our Clients…

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An Aligned Team Is a Successful Team

Everybody loves a winner and let’s face it, winning is what it’s all about. Especially when it comes to selling something and building enduring relationships. Maximum Impact Partners is dedicated to developing your sales team into a team of winners. How? read more

Impact Partners

Our people are our strength. With decades of experience in all facets of the financial services business, we know your world inside and out and know how to maximize it. Our team has spent their entire careers in financial services companies, leading sales organizations and marketing teams. We understand your business, your successes, your pain and we know how to help.

Impact Partner Spotlight

   Leon Morales
Leon, Managing Director at DNA Behavior International, is a seasoned leader and consultant with deep experience in finance, technology, operations, accounting and organizational change.

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Our Story

After many years of working on the agency-side of business, and 10 years at Nuveen Investments, John Lotka decided to marry the two professions—and the VP of Sales at Nuveen, Ami Tully. It was John’s keen business intuition that saw there was a need for a specialized service model for the financial investment industry that was missing. read more

Our Process

Your needs are unique, so our services need to be customized. You may not know the specific areas of your business that need help, or you may have a particular problem you want us to solve. Regardless, you can count on us to be there with the insight, experience and wisdom to focus on your needs, assess the situation, train and implement and help you execute the solution with the ultimate goal: Total Alignment™.

The Total Alignment™ Process is Maximum Impact Partners proven method in aligning people and processes to achieve ultimate success—building a foundation for unlimited growth.

Maximum Impact Partners.
Focus for Total Alignment™